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Michele Doyle

I started my design firm as "Michele Interiors" back in 2005, working out of my living room. Having decided to leave my successful corporate IT career to pursue my real passion, interior design, I began my journey by completing the Seattle Art Institute's intensive Residential Design Program. The combination of this solid foundation in interior design with my background in management consulting makes me a uniquely capable designer; one who has artistic design flair supported by the ability to manage the details of a complex project.


Fast forward to today I am now partnered with an extraordinarily talented architect, Jay Volz and we're supported by an amazing, caring team.

We are here to serve the needs of our community through our shared design philosophy:

We believe that everything you do in your home or place of business should be supported by your environment, beautifully.  And that your environment should evoke an emotional response that sings, “this is exactly right for me!” 

Michele Doyle

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